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Hari Hara Bol, Hari Hara Bol

Hari Hara Bol, Hari Hara Bol
Mukunda Madhava Govinda Bol
Keshava Bol Madhava Bol

[Sai Ram Bol Sai Krishna Bol
Shirdi Sai Bol Parthi Sai Bol]

Chant the (many) names of the Lord:
Hari: often simply translated as the Lord, the Supreme Personality, name for
Krishna as the One removing all the inauspicious of sin and evil.
The Lord of Liberation
'the sweet Lord'; God, the Lord of the Universe (BV-31), God (BV-42) The Lord of Laksmi, another name for Krishna.
Govinda (Gopala):
friend of cows; Name of Lord Krishna,
which means "He, who bestows joy to the land,
cows and the senses" (also Gopala: Krishna as cowherd).
He as the blessing of the cows. 

Keshava: (killer of Kesi): name of Krishna
 as the killer of the demon Kesi, 
who as a mad horse threatened Gokula.
Also: He with the fine black hair.

Krishna: He who attracks everyone; cowherd, supreme commander, lover, Vedic Monarch, Vishnu Avatar, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Literally: Dark, because of His dark blue-grey coloured skin. Also called Hrsikesha, as master of the senses. Govinda and Gopala as the protector of the cows. V‚sudeva as the son of Vasudeva. Yogishv‚ra: Lord of the Yoga; Hari: Lord. Y‚davadeva: God of the Yadu's. "He who attracts, draws the mind towards Him." "To plough, to plant and grow" (SSS-II) Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead appearing in His original, two-armed form.

R‚ma:  Source of Bliss. (RRV-Inner Meaning), 
the Principle which attracts- and endears through that attraction - 
the disparate elements in Nature; name of Lord Krishna, which means "source of all joy" (RRV-1), "he who pleases", 
name given by Vasishta to the Lord, born as the son of Kausalya 
and Dasaratha (RRV-4), Crest-jewel of the Raghu Dynasty (RRV2-1).
(RRV2-2) This is the purpose for which I have come. 
The fostering and protection of the good and the godly, 
the destruction of the wrong and evil that threaten 
the peace and welfare of the world, 
the promotion of righteous behavior and activities ... 

these will proceed from now on".

Sai Ram, Sai Krishna, Shirdi Sai and Parthi Sai.


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